Discover the vineyard & its range of AOC Bugey wines

The success of the vineyards of Bugey is not down to chance!
Brillat-Savarin, who was born and bred in Bugey, knew what he was talking about back in 1826 when he wrote The Physiology of Taste (La Physiologie du Goût). Maybe his work helped winegrowers improve their grape varieties and choose the very best hillsides for growing their vines?

Bugey’s 500-hectare vineyard covers a diverse, contrasting landscape with surprises in store for the visitor. Encompassing 68 different villages, the vineyard is made up of 3 distinct production areas:

  • the Cerdon sector, where the south-facing vines are grown on very steep slopes, sometimes at high altitudes;
  • the Montagnieu sector is east-west oriented on slopes that line the Rhône heading south, and is characterised by steep inclines that dive down towards the river;
  • the Belley sector stretches from the foothills of the Colombier Mountain range to the banks of the Rhône, and groups together a large and complex range of geological and topographical features.

Bugey wines, certified AOC since 2009

Diversity, tradition and quality: the extensive range of wines is due to a large variety of soils and sun exposures.

Winegrowers give their blood, sweat and tears to the vine along the Bugey hillsides, as many of the slopes limit the use of machinery. With the helping hand of a favourable climate, the vine gives back in return, producing wines full of character: reds, whites and rosés, still wines and bubblies.

Bugey’s white wines

Continue to develop throughout the year after harvest, and can be stored for at least two to three years, sometimes even longer:

  • The Chardonnay is smooth and fruity.
  • The Roussette is slightly sweet with a rich nose.

Bugey reds and rosés

  • The various Gamay wines are light, colourful, fruity wines, which are at their best the year after production.
  • The Pinot has notes of fruit and spices, is slightly tannic and ages well.
  • The Mondeuse, a unique wine with a dark red-purple colour, has a strong personality, bold and tannic, and ages very well.

Traditional Method Bugey wines (Méthode Traditionnelle),

…sparkling, elegant whites with fine bubbles, are best enjoyed chilled as an apéritif or with dessert.

Bugey Cerdon, produced according to the ‘Ancestral Method’ (Méthode Ancestrale)

….is a light, sweet and fruity sparkling wine, which is low in alcohol content.


From starter through to dessert, whatever the occasion, there’s an AOC Bugey wine to go with every course!

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